- Team -


„You never win alone.
On the day you believe something else, you start losing.“

Mika Pauli Häkkinen,* 28.09.1968 in Vantaa (Helsinki), Finnland

Adam, Daphne &

Veronika, Adam, Daphne & Hope are our jewels at the stable. They take care of our horses every day. The bests are at work with heart and soul, no matter we are at home or at a show. They are really important for our success! Veronika is our showgroom and drives mainly with Simone and Alice to the biggest shows and is doing always a dream job! Adam is responsible for the education of our young stars, be it at home or at the shows. He has a lot of feeling for our horses and a lot of talent. Daphne is our home rider and organises the stable when we are not at home. She is hardworking, always with a smile at work and organises the stable by herself. Hope ist our homegroom and drives with Adam to the shows. She helps there where help is necessary and has a big love for our horses!

Anton Steiner &
Alexander Wüst

Toni and Alex take care about the hoofs of our horses and they are really precise in their work.

Dr. Max Stechele,
Dr. Nicole Schley
Dr. Wolf-Dieter Wagner &
Dr. Jan-Hein Swagemakers

They are our trusting "Docs" and 24/7 available for the health of our horses.

Pascal Brunner

Pascal is the dentist for our horses and always conjures our stars the perfect winner smile.

Pauline Nachbauer

Pauline is our physiotherapist for our horses and is doing a great job every week.

Stefan Rantner

Stefan is the master with his Equitron! He treats our horses regularly with this appliance, this helps to prevent injuries and fix tension.